Stone | Kent creates spaces that are inherently natural, peaceful and sculptural, layered in texture and story. Juxtaposing feminine and masculine elements to create a feeling of balance — continually inspired by travel, nature and the hunt for one of a kind pieces from around the world while also working with local artisans — the firm is based in Chicago, IL | Portland, ME


Jacque Kent

Jacque is a classically trained dancer that found her love of expression through art early in life. As the years progressed, a new artistic path took hold, curating interiors. She went on to study and work in San Francisco, London, and Chicago. Her keen eye and love of form, line, and sculpture are evident in the spaces she designs. Jacque holds a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design.


Angela Stone

Angela was born into design. As the daughter of a developer, she was curiously studying floor plans as a toddler and sketching furniture layouts before elementary school. From the start, she loved the untold story of found objects. The more age, the more soulful. She found her place in design, and her love of imperfect beauty, working alongside an antique collector and designer while completing her Bachelor of Fine Art in Design.

After years of operating their own independent design firms, these two poignant designers have merged forces. Their evolving friendship and shared aesthetic brought forth a desire to create more balance in their lives, allowing for inspiration and artistry to be the focus of their work.

Jacque grew up on a lake surrounded by prairie; Angela grew up surrounded by forest, near the ocean. Both seek to capture the subtle, alluring beauty found in nature, and translate it within the home of their client. Their clients tend to be lovers of history, nature, and travel.